The Sweet Adventures of Henry P. Twist

Sweet Adventures of Henry P. Twist

After forty-five years of working at Brackmeyer Sweets, one of the largest factories in all of Germany, master pastry chef – extraordinaire, Henry Peppermint Twist is forced to retire and live out the rest of his days in a retirement home in the countryside.

But unbeknownst to Henry, and the other elderly people before him, his stay will be a short one: for soon he comes face to face with a peculiar little man who will lead him on one of the most scrumptious journeys of a lifetime.


This screenplay is of course an adaptation of the children’s book – The Sweet Adventures of Henry P. Twist(4.5 stars on Amazon!) written by B.W.Van Alstyne and edited by Editing Services.


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Sweet Adventures of Henry P. Twist
The sweet adventures of Henry P Twist