The Millions in Mohar

The Millions in Mohar

In the millions in Mohar Joey has just arrived in Dublin to start a new life with his British Dad and Irish Mum. Lonely and daunted at the idea of living somewhere new he is fortunate enough to stumble into a few local boys. (Kev, Jay, Fart) While spying on them he overhears a conversation that will change his view forever and spark friendships’ that he never thought he would find.

The Millions in Mohar

The first Act opens with loud mouth Reggie, a cocky, one-liner type of guy, on his way to successfully rob a bank.

With the Garda in pursuit, he manages to hide his wares in a cave to later inform his accomplices of their whereabouts.

In the second Act, we see very special friendships being established as the local boys and Joey decide to go after the money. These scenes are portrayed in montages, funny dialogue, and location scenery.

Here we meet Ren and Simpy, Reggie’s accomplices in a fast-paced, tense build-up to the Third and Final act. A showdown with a surprising twist.

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The Millions in Mohar