The Kill By Alainna Macpherson

Book three in The Hunt series by Alainna Macpherson.


In the final book of the gripping trilogy, Maeleigh faces her greatest challenge yet, as she is plunged into a dark and dangerous underworld of faerie creatures and age-old vampires. Just who is the mysterious Queen Selena, and why has she taken such a keen interest in Maeleigh? Could the ancient prophecy be true? And if so, what does it mean?

As Maeleigh gets to grips with the new powers growing inside her, she faces threats from all angles – from the enigmatic Cearer, coming to pass judgement on her actions, to the challenge for power within the ranks of the Westboro pack. And, of course, the Hunters are still on the prowl…

Maeleigh will need the support of the McIntire pack more than ever in this thrilling finale to ‘The Hunt’ trilogy, as she faces up to her destiny and learns what she is truly capable of. May the Goddess have mercy on her.