The Sweet Adventures of Henry P. Twist- The Island of Milk and Honey

The Sweet Adventures of Henry P. Twist - The Island of Milk and Honey

The Sweet Adventures continue in The Island of Milk and Honey! There lies, unseen by human eyes, a doorway that leads to another world. An enchanted world inhabited by creatures that exist on the fringes of our reality. A realm often spoken about in hushed whispers or otherwise referenced in our dreams.

It is a world found, perhaps, in the ancient writings or drawings evidenced on rocks and on cave walls, or better still, lurking between the pages of a beloved book you own. It could even be hiding in plain sight; a cautionary tale once told to you by your parents or grandparents. It is a world between worlds, a place where ancient magic and myth collide. This is the world of Faerie!

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The island of Milk and Honey