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Self Publishing 

Once upon a time, self-publishing was considered the last hope of an author to get published. Not so anymore! Self publishing is now a very credible way to get your book out amongst the public. Not only is it getting read, but also giving the author a potentially lucrative return. No matter where you are in the world you can upload your book to a website such as Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). In a very short period, a digital version of your book will be on sale worldwide.

The Advantages of Self Publishing

The advantages of self publishing in this way are that not only do you retain control of your book but it allows you to keep creative control over things such as your book cover design and even your book’s title!

Another advantage? You can earn up to 3 times more per book sale self publishing than by using a traditional publishing company.

Supports we Offer Self Publishing Authors

Why doesn’t everyone self-publish? Self-publishing takes up a lot of time and effort. Also, you will need to invest your own money with no guarantee that your investment will pay off. Even more so with hard copy novels! Self publishing is similar to setting up a small business with all the running around that entails. You will need to learn about business planning and production costs. How to deal with retailers, all while becoming a social media guru and promoting your book online. This is why there are still plenty of publishing companies.

It is also why Editing Services was set up with the services we offer! We help you improve on your finished product. We also can offer huge amounts of advice on getting over the hurdles you will face. Once successful we can even assist in getting your book adapted to a screenplay. Please check out our screenplay consultancy page.

What You Need to Consider

 A very common mistake that self-publishers make is that they publish first. Only afterwards do they realise that something is wrong. Then they have to quickly learn about the proper preparations for self-publishing a book.

You must consider any legal requirements that may be necessary for a successful publication. Copyright information can be found at the Irish Copyright Licensing Agency. and also at the Copyright Association of Ireland.

If you have used song lyrics, or quotes from another book you must get permission from the author before publishing.

You must ensure you have the right to publish! If you had previously used a traditional publisher they may now own the copyright to your book. Get clarification in writing. They may only own the publication right in Ireland and you will be free to publish in the rest of the world. Find out first!

Very Important

As a self-publisher you are solely responsible for the content in your book. Any comeback for copyright infringement will be on you.

 People or businesses who recognise themselves in your book may not be happy. Especially so if their portrayal is not overly complimentary. In this case they may have a case for defamation even if your book is classed as fiction. If you have even the smallest worries about this seek legal advice BEFORE publication. 

Professional Editing 

It is nearly impossible to release your book properly without it being professionally edited. Professional editing is not a spell check for your work. A good professional editor will help you by pointing out inconsistencies and ways to improve what is already there. The author can’t do this themselves as basically they are too close. By working with an editor who is not emotionally involved the book will improve dramatically.

As a self-publisher you may maintain that you can’t afford professional editing. In 95% of the cases where a book was not professionally edited the readers who bought them were disappointed by the book. So disappointed, that they left bad reviews.

  • First, this means that you sell fewer books!
  • Secondly, the readers you got will never buy any more of your books.
  • Thirdly instead of recommending you to their social circle they will be warning them about how bad your work is.

Investing in professional editing is not a luxury. It is a necessity!

At Editing Services, we specialise in guiding our clients through the self publishing process. From manuscript copy-editing, book cover design and publishing through KDP for Amazon. Our Editors are carefully handpicked with each project depending on genre expertise, writing styles and experience.

Our Favourite Editor

self publishing

Clodagh Springer

She is a member of Ireland’s AFEPI (Association of Freelance Editors, Proofreaders and Indexers), The UK’s SfEP (Society for Editors and Proofreaders) and South Africa’s PEG (Professional Editor’s Guild).

She has been involved with proofreading and editing for fifteen years and much of her work has been helping ESL writers present work of a high standard. Her greatest strength is in assessing a document and, while retaining the author’s authentic voice, modifying it so that it is grammatically correct but is as eloquent as possible.

She has also been a content writer for schools, and have written policies, newsletters, content for magazines and content for websites.

Once Your Book is Published


Once your book is published it might be worth considering the next step. This is, of course, writing the screenplay version. Not all books lend themselves to being adapted so it would definitely pay to have a look at our screenplay consultancy page and have a  talk to our screenplay consultant – Clare Keogh. Please use our contact form to make an appointment for a chat.