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Screenplay Consultancy

What is screenplay consultancy?

Screenplay consultancy is about successfully getting your script to the next level.

Editing Services offers an easy to follow evaluation of the script as it is, and ways to implement changes that will improve on the next stage.

We pride ourselves on getting a screenplay to the next level. We provide screenplay coverage/ Development / Novel or Novella adaptations.

What is Screenplay Coverage?

Screenplay or script coverage is a summary and analysis of the script’s plot and it’s writing quality. It is used by production companies to keep track of TV and film screenplays. Coverage consists of a number of elements which we have listed below.

  • Logline,
  • Synopsis,
  • Characters,
  • Plot/Structure Dialogue
  • Presentation

Why should you hire a screenplay consultant?

Our screenplay consultant has worked on both TV and movies. They have more than 14 years of experience working and editing scripts that can be used to assist you. on a daily basis both write and make adjustments to other peoples’ scripts on a daily basis. Our script consultant has more than 14 years of experience which can be used to assist you.

Whatever stage your screenplay is in, from a partial draft to the final rewrite, hiring our script consultant can dramatically improve on the next stage. We cater to all genres, romance, thriller, horror, or any other genre. By coming to us you will leave with a much better script than you would have thought possible.

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Our Favourite Screenwriter 

Clare has 14 years of experience as an assistant director (AD) for numerous film and television productions. Her experience includes music videos for U2 and scores of TV commercials. She is a graduate of the New York Film Academy in feature screenwriting. Clare is a script consultant for independent screenwriters and film companies. Script readers and script consultants are crucial to the film industry. They are often responsible for determining whether a script is even looked at by a producer or development executive.

Clare is a member of the International Screenwriters Association