In A Lifetime- From Hozier to U2

In A Lifetime- From Hozier to U2 by award winning music publisher Johnny Lappin. Produced by Editing Services

In A Lifetime- From Hozier to U2


In A Lifetime- From Hozier to U2 we meet Johnny Lapppin. Johnny Lappin is one of the exceptionally genuine characters in an international music industry often dominated by charlatans and posers.

His lifetime in the business has paralleled the extraordinary rise of the music industry of his native Ireland as it grew from modest beginnings to become one of the major talent resources for the worldwide entertainment scene.

Along the way, Lappin has been a singer, drummer, band manager, record company owner, talent scout, concert promoter, lecturer, consultant, a member of “the music police” and, his first and last love, music publisher.

In this book – In A Lifetime- From Hozier to U2 – he applies his quick Irish wit and characteristic candour to tracing a turbulent career. A career that has seen him cross paths with a galaxy of major stars. These including U2, Hozier, Clannad, Celtic Woman, Van Morrison, Elton John, Ron Wood, Phil Lynott, Ian Drury, Rory Gallagher, Bob Geldof, Chrissie Hynde and many more.

In a Lifetime-From Hozier to U2, is a warts and all story, and then some more warts, in this account of life in the 24/7 world of music.

In this interview, Johnny Lappin gives some insights into where the stories for his book came about. A fascinating read from start to finish. If you like a great autobiography then this one is for you.



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 In A Lifetime- From Hozier to U2



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