Past Projects

The Dirt

  The Dirt Released in 2019 ‘The Dirt’ is a biographical film directed by Jeff Tremaine. This half comedy half drama film was adapted from a screenplay by Rich Wilkes and Amanda Adelson. The story is based on the heavy metal band Motley Crue.   The film starts in 1973 and progresses through the development …

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  Once Made in 2007 ‘Once’ is an Irish romantic musical written and directed by John Carney. The film’s story is based on 2 struggling musicians in Dublin. Music developed and performed by the film’s stars. Developed on a very small budget the film performed very well at the box office and achieved high acclaim …

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The Ambassador

The Ambassador

The Ambassador   The Ambassador is a BBC tv series starring the well-known actress Pauline Collins. It revolves around her life as a British Ambassador shortly after the death of her husband through a car bomb meant for her. Running for 2 seasons, our own Clare Keogh played her part in the success of this …

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The Boxer   The Boxer is a 1997 film starring Daniel Day-Lewis.  It revolves around the life of ex-boxer and ex-IRA member Danny Flynn.  The film follows Danny trying to build up a life for himself in Northern Ireland during the worst of the troubles.  Our own Clare Keogh played her part in the success …

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Rat Released in 2000 the movie Rat is a comedy though it’s subject is not to everybody’s tastes. The father of a Dublin family arrives home drunk and for his misdeeds gets turned into a rat! For some reason, the family dynamic hardly changes at all leading to many hilarious situations. Typically Irish Family carry-ons …

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