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At its most basic level, a good book design is what will help readers take your book seriously. When selling your self-published book online, using retailers like Amazon, remember that you are competing against established publishing companies. Many publishing companies have been around for decades. In order to level the playing field your book design has to at the very least, match the quality of what the major companies are putting out there.

In fact, to give your book a chance to succeed, it should surpass what they are using. With many years in the publishing world, we at Editing Services know this.  Editing Services offers you affordable book design so you can compete in the online publishing world. We work closely with our clients in any specific genre to capture the best images to visually attract potential buyers.

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Our Favourite Book Designer


Sohail Liaqat

Sohail is a book formatting and layout expert. He has experience in working with both ebooks and paperbacks/hardcover. So far the projects that he has worked with have been published on Amazon KDP, Ingramspark, Lulu, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Nook, Smashwords and PublishDrive

Sohail is the book designer and formatter for Editing Services


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