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A group of screenwriters wait patiently as the book designers and copy-editors pack up their belongings  into small boxes . CLODAGH (50 ish)  Small build, nervously addresses the group.
                It’s been an amazing  decade
                of producing books with KDP/
                CreateSpace/ IngramSpark.
                thanks to all the writers.
The boss enters the room, reading a copy of her screenplay FAMOUS, adapted from the novella of the same name. Demands attention from the room.
                 Welcome to #es_Consultancy
                we work with aspiring and
                 experienced screenwriters,
                production companies,funding bodies.
                We provide our client’s
                with indepth coverage reports and
                script editing service. 
                      How much are we boss?
                   Just send in your screenplay for
                   a free consultation first. We’ll
                   have a read and contact you then.


es_Consultancy occasionally recommends competitions. The one we are now recommending is The 2022 Page Turner Awards. They have 5 different awards varying from Young Writer to Best Screenplay Award. As well as a prize, any of these awards will give your writing career a boost. Check it out at Page Turner Awards.

How It Works

Editing Services developing a book
Editing Services developing a book
Editing Services developing a book
Editing Services developing a book Editing Services developing a book

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The Dirt
The Dirt
Bohemian Rhapsody
Bohemian Rhapsody


Clare’s notes really helped my script. She gave me the key’s to a few locked doors. Highly recommended.

John O' Rourke Screenwriter

I just wanted to let you know that after I applied your notes to my script it is after coming in 3rd in a screenwriting competition!

Thank you so much.


Claire Kathryn Roche - screenwriter Ireland

“Clare returned clear and concise notes for my feature script, helping me to better it. Despite being in a different country, the transactions have been smooth.”

  Alainna Macpherson (Screenwriter/ Author of The Hunt series. Washington. U.S.A)

“I’ve just had the pleasure of working with Clare Keogh of Editing Services here in Dublin. Her sharp, eagle eye caught mistakes on my feature-length script that myself and numerous readers had missed. Her comments and suggestions were very well considered and astute. Her passion for great writing equals her vast knowledge. I recommend her highly to any fellow screenwriter who needs the gaze of an industry professional to give their work that final polish. I very much look forward to working with Clare again.”

John Dawson (Screenwriter/director/facilitator)

“Clare is the best at what she does. I sent her my feature film to review and she gave me the notes and corrections I needed. I knew something was missing from my film and Clare helped me discover what that was along with making it grammatically perfect. Now I’m confident in pitching my film and it is gaining a lot of interest. I will definitely be a return customer. If you need script editing services, look no further than Clare Keogh.”

Zach Allen (Producer, Screenwriter at Evil Iguana Productions LLC)

“I can highly recommend Clare and her team as I worked excellently with her together. She edits your script, synopsis very well, has a look at your logline, and makes the whole ready for submission. Besides, if you want you can ask her also to help you to find the right agent for your script and she even wants to do the entire submission.”

Leotien Parlevliet (Screenwriter, former French teacher and environmental activist)




The Screenplay


The Sweet Adventures of Henry P. Twist

Screenplay by B.W.Van Alstyne & Clare Keogh



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Novella FAMOUS
The Official Book Trailer for the novella FAMOUS
A self-publishing project produced by us for Amazon USA.
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